2001 Engineering Open House Competition
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Winner of Demolition Championship
Type: Search/Combat Robot
Weight: 50 lbs
Body: Aluminum Frame
Power: 24 VDC (2 Motors)
Control: 900 MHz RC
Speed: 3 mph
Weapons: Battle Spikes
Other:3 joint robot arm

Competition:UIUC Engineering Open House
Year: 2001
Results: Winner of Demolition Championship

Astro 2001 competed in the 2001 UIUC Engineering Open House, Creative Design Competition (sponsored by Advanced Micro Devices) in March 1-4, 2001.

Astro 2001 is a wedge shaped robot made from extruded aluminum and aluminum plates. It weighs in excess of 50 lbs and has a top speed of over 3 mph. The primary weapon are the front battle spikes. This robot was built by Aaron Trask and Mariusz Zaczek, while students in the Advanced Digital Systems Lab (ADSL) in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since Mariusz and Aaron were competing with Solar Flare at ROBOTICA, the robot was controlled by our Mike and Shawn from ADSL

Mike and Shawn competed in the first rounds of the Creative Design Competition where the robot was tasked with traversing a course and unscrewing lightbulbs. The front mounted robot arm was built for this purpose and was successfully able to unscrew one of three lightbulbs. The vehicle did not place in the initial competition.

During the Demolition Championship, Astro 2001 fought bravely and prevailed, becoming the Winner of the Demolition Championship when the opponent they faced was too damaged and started to smolder.

The M68332 micro-controller used for the receiver and transmitter were generously donated by the Motorola Corporation

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The control system for the Astro 2001 robot was all written in M68332 assembly. The transmitter and receiver codes and circuits are listed below.