This page is dedicated to displaying various robot projects that I was involved in. Included with each project is a description, picture gallery and associated codes and other resources.
is a wedge style robot with a flame-thrower mounted on the top. This vehicle competed in Season #1 on TLC's ROBOTICA in March 2001. This robot has it's own custom 900 MHz RF remote control system using the Motorolla 68332 micro-controller.
was the Winner of 2001 EOH Creative Design Competition's Demolition Match. The robot used a robot arm for the regular competition and a ram for the demolition rounds
was the Winner of 2000 EOH Creative Design Competition's "Most Impressive Aresnal" for it's Battle axes, and saws. This robot also contained a 3-axis robot arm. This robot also the Motorolla 68332 micro-controller for it's control system.
was the Winner of 1999 EOH Creative Design Competition's Demolition Match and awarded the "Most Impressive Aresnal" award for it's crossbow and circular saw weapons.
used several potentiometers attached to a glove to measure the wearer's joint angles. These angles would then be sent to the PC via a Parallel Port connection where the OpenGL graphical version of the hand would be represented.
scans an object placed in it's search area by detecting the object's height with a vertical probe. This scanner used simple VGA graphics for object display and a PC Parallel Port for control.
is a walking octopod which employs the McKibben Air Muscles for it's actuation. It is controlled via a Motorolla 68332 micro-controller.
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