Mariusz Peter Zaczek

League City, TX 77573



      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

            M.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, October 2001 (GPA: 3.707/4.0)

                        · Minor in Computational Science and Engineering

            B.S. with Honors in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering,  May 1999 (GPA: 3.680/4.0)

                        · Equivalent of a Minor in Computer Science


      GRE Scores (12/1998)

            Analytical:         660 / 800

            Quantitative:      800 / 800

            Verbal:             490 / 800



     NASA Johnson Space Center

     Automated Rendezvous and Orbit Analysis, Flight Design and Dynamics Division  (Aug. 2001 – present)

· Training for Visiting Vehicle Officer controller

· Training for Proximity Operations Analyst

· Developed Java 3-D simulation tool to display ISS and Visiting Vehicle position and attitude

· Leading analysis of jettison option of the Early Ammonia Servicer from the ISS

· Book manager for Visiting Vehicle Trajectory Reference


IMAGE Satellite Mission Operations, NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center
Southwest Research Institute
, (May 1999 – Aug. 2000)

· Served as Command Controller during integration/testing and during on-orbit operations.

· Built a spacecraft simulator for the ASIST Spacecraft Ground System Program using

Matlab and C/C++ programming with shared memory and socket directives.

· Generated and tested the weekly science upload for the satellite.

· Wrote several graphical user interfaces in Tcl/Tk, PERL, C & IDL programs

· Built telemetry pages using the SAMMI graphical editor.


     Center for the Simulation of Advanced Rockets (CSAR) at the University of Illinois

     Department of Energy - Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI)  (June 1998 – Aug. 2001)

· Thesis research: Adaptive Cohesive Volumetric Finite Element Method for Dynamic Fracture Simulations

· Wrote a 2-D finite element mesh generator in C (using the Triangle Mesh Generator),

· Wrote a 2-D mesh viewer in C with X11 unix graphics


     Computational Astrodynamics Research Laboratory (CARL) (Aug. 1995 – May 2001 (10 semesters))

· Coded 3-D OpenGL Solar System Simulator.

· Used Pro/Engineer to generate 3-D models of: micro-satellite, 3-link robotic arm.

· Wrote GUIs for plotting solar sail trajectories and controlling a micro-satellite with a PC.


     UIUC Chemical Laser Group (Aug. 1995 – June 1999 (8 semesters))

· Developed a code to calculate the reflectivity and transmissivity of a multi-layer mirror assembly

· Assisted in the operation of a chemical laser system.

· Performed power gain calculations.


Dept. of Energy (DOE) – Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, (Coop May 96-Jan. 97, May-Aug. 97)

· Made detailed CAD drawings of a transport assembly system using I-DEAS

· Co-designed a Vapor Pressure Thermometer and wrote Fortran code for sample analysis.

· Designed part of a low conductivity water system which included pipe sizing, selection and

layout based on several engineering calculations.

· Performed stress analysis of a lifting fixture for a $10 million solenoid.

· Designed and built the programmable logic controller (PLC, Siemens 545) interface for a Visual

   Light Photon Collector (VLPC) Collector using the FIX DMACS process control system.

         · Wired several instruments, wrote many PLC ladder logic codes, generated several system

            pages in DMACS, maintained DMACS database, built webpages.

         · Wrote several engineering design notes.


     Advanced Digital Systems Lab (ADSL) – UIUC  Electrical Eng.,  (Aug. 1997 – May 2001 (8 semesters))

         · Competed in robot competition: ROBOTICA on The Learning Channel (robot: Solar Flare)

         · Co-designed/built and programmed an 8-legged walking air-muscle octopod.

         · Co-designed/built a 3-D profile scanner and 3-D sensor glove system with OpenGL display.          

         · Co-designed/built a RF controlled robot vehicle using two Motorola 68332 micro-controllers.



AIAA-97-2425  -  Potential for a Chemically Pumped Sodium Laser J.M. Stephens and J.L. Gole

 (Georgia Institute of Technology), L.H. Sentman and M. Zaczek (University of Illinois)


Thesis: Adaptive Cohesive Volumetric Finite Element Method for Dynamics Fracture Simulations

 M. Zaczek (University of Illinois), 08/2001



Notable:                1999 National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship Honorable Mention

Scholarships:         97/98 AIAA, 98/99 AIAA, YMCA (4 yrs), Pullman (5 yrs), Warren (1 yr),

Ford (1 yr), McDonnell Found. (1 yr), UIUC AAE Scholarship 1999-2000

Honor Societies:    Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key,

Sigma Gamma Tau, James' Scholar

Other:                    National Dean's List; Dean's List: 7 semesters; Illinois State Scholar



Languages:            C++ (sockets, shared memory), C (Serial & Parallel Port, DOS, X11), OpenGL,

Perl, Tcl/Tk (Unix/Win. GUIs), Fortran 77 & 90, Scheme(LISP), HTML,

PostScript, 68332 Assembly, STOL, IDL, Matlab (Matlab Engine & Simulink),

Javascript, Java, Java 3-D

System admin:        Sun Solaris, HP-UX, RedHat Linux, experience with MACs, PCs and SGIs

Industry Systems:    ASIST (Advanced Spacecraft Integration and System Test) including SAMMI,

                              Intellution FIX DMACS (Distributed Manufacturing Automation and Control

                              Software), SoftShop, TISOFT, Siemens’ 545 and 565 Programmable Logic

                              Controllers, ABAQUS, PATRAN

CAD Programs:     Pro/Engineer, I-DEAS, UniGraphics, AutoCAD

Other:                    Experience with LogicWorks, Mathematica, STK, Microsoft Products

                               Extensive experience with robot building and design



Notable:                 Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic

Member of:            Illini Space Development Society, National Space Society, American Institute

of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Illini Emergency Medical Services,

Society of Cooperative Engineers, Student Advisory Committee for Co-op program

Other:                    Peer Tutor, Capt. of AERO-98, Co-Capt. of AERO-99, 00-Astro and Astro 2001 teams

in the Jerry Sanders Design Competition, Volunteer in hospital emergency room,

Counselor for Summer 1998 High School Aero/Astro camp

      Spoken Languages:Polish (fluent), Russian (beginner), Latin (beginner)

      Sports:                   Tennis, Jogging